About us

We, Navikssel Shipping Private Limited, are a leading provider of concierge and marine agency services in Sri Lanka. Established in 2012 and serving multinational clients successfully within the region. We also provide agency services to ships and yachts to help the clients to regularly surpassing their demanding performance goals within no time.


We offer services such as Ship Agency, Maritime Security, Yacht & Cruise, Travel Facilitation, Ship Provisions Supply, Marine Supplies, Clearance services and for international shipping clientele since last seven years.

With a team of dedicated and experienced professionals who ensure the customer satisfaction to the highest, we thrive in supplying the multinational shipping clients the best and quality of complete provisions that require in the Super yachts and Marines sectors.


The reputation we have earned throughout the years and the business integrity that sets our level to the highest, we are capable of serving the leading multinational shippers and logistics giants who dock in the Sri Lankan sea borders at any quantity of requirement.


We also provide ship provisions to the ships and yacht who anchor in our seas to ensure perfect hospitality of all those who are in the ships. Our efficient services help the clients in all the possible ways we could with our latest integrated technologies.

Our Vision

Our Vision is to deliver safe and quality service towards to our customers building long term relationships in the Shipping & Marine related markets all over the world.

Our Mission

  • To be long term Customer oriented,
  • To be transparent in our relationship,
  • To be prompt in communication,
  • To be an attractive business partner who can be trusted and rely.

Core Values

Customer Integrity

We value the customer satisfaction at the fullest with no compromises.

Committed and Dedicated Safety Measures

Health and Safety in all our operations is the prior concept and the staff is trained in accordance with it

Ethical Business Values

We have a set of corporate ethical codes that ensures our business ethics are followed at the level best.


We ensure our business codes of conducts and credible financial dealings are followed from the bottom line of the hierarchy to the top at zero compromise.

Compliance to the Law and Regulations

Legal requirements and regulations are followed completely as required by the authorities.

Adaptive to State-Of-The-Art Technological Solutions

We have a quick adaptive strategy to new innovations and technologies to make the business processes easier and convenient as possible for both clients as well us.